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Outrage as loyal customer gets 1 stamp for Coffee


Bethnal Green, London

Local resident Alison Freestaf was today appalled when her Double espresso with chi semi skimmed Latte only garnered 1 stamp from her local coffee house

“Absolutely gutted about this sort of carry on. Yesterday I got two stamps for the same item and now I only got one. How can they keep going as a business with this unknown”.

Local Manager, Tim Grindat, tried to reason with the distraught customer by offering a free lemon cake slice.

Tim also added

“yesterday there was an error from a new staff member regarding the doling out of stamps, you don’t get a double stamp for having an order mixing more than 2 different drinks together. It was a simple mistake and we have advised all in the workplace. we are sorry for the inconvenience”.

Alison, still in mourning mad a statement through her solicitor friend;

“Alison may take her business elsewhere, however because this cafe is en route to work she will reluctantly still go there. she hopes to lodge a complaint to the Supreme court into regain lost stamp points to gain a free coffee for her continued loyalty”.


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