Fake News

Man (72) sets New Valentines record



72 year old Massachusetts resident, Zack Amory, has set a new Valentines Day record in the consecutive Valentines day cards received from the same person.

“Yeah it was there for the last 68 years. I have kept them all. Its nice that someone is admiring me for me. The fact that it is the same person is fairly unique” said the “lucky in love” Zack.

Uniquely, after all these years, what Zack doesn’t know is who keeps sending the cards.

“Its strange, like I have the handwriting analysed and tried to track the post stamps but to no avail, I do know that they are in the area here, however CCTV has revealed nothing”.

“This year I’m pushing out the boat and getting a sniffer dog”.

That Sniffer dog is named Aiko, trained in Japan to sniff out rogue Tamagotchis, he came to the US for a new challenge.

However, the cards are a gift as a curse as Zack has never been married as he has kept holing out for the Admirer

“I just want them to communicate with me other than letter and I can have a chat and that.

Scientists in Rome, from the ANTS division, have proven that the receiving a card on Valentines actually is healthy for your body as it releases chemicals in the body that are equivalent to a 2 minute work out.

It was later found out that it was his mother, when the dog bit off her arm.

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