50 steps before I go Jogging with you

50 Steps before I go jogging with you…

…49 before I Marry you

#1. Sing Karaoke


Everyone has a song that they like. If they dont they should.

Mine is “St Elmos fire (Man in Motion)”. Its a classic 80’s tune that is inspirational both musically and lyrically.

However I have another song, my go to Karaoke song, which is Tom Jones “Its not unusual”. I’m no singer, but this gives me a chance to swing the hips and “entertain”.

One such “entertaining” episode was when I started to do a striptease whilst singing it. Luckily it is a short song, as I was looking after 75 Italian students at the time.

A great film moment was in “My best friends wedding” (Had to watch for research) that Cameron Diaz on youtube here.

Bonus Points: Sing We didnt Start the fire, off by Heart

Double bonus points: Sing it with your own words to the backing tune.

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