Fake News

Woman gives up Men for Lent



Irish woman Aimee Maughan ,26 from Roscommon Ireland, has announced She is “OFF MEN FOR LENT” whilst eating her lunch at work to shocked co-workers

“I just can’t be arsed anymore. There are no good men in the world. I’m doomed to be alone. Alone with cats. I’ll be a cat woman”.

Aimee, who doesn’t currently own any pets, made this statement after seeing the Lunch Menu at the local Subway had 2 subway 6 inch sub for the price of one.

“I mean 6 inches is all the inches I need, what would a man do with a foot long?” AImee questioned the small group in attendence.

Lent is a a period of time usually associated with giving up things. This year it lasts 43 days, with respite only given on St Patricks day or you are travelling.

Aimee’s mother however hopes the Lenten Vow is short term

“She’ll be moping around the place saying she is “bored” and there is “no one to text on her phone”. She’ll be back on the Tinder soon enough”.

In a bold move, The Catholic church has back Aimee’s bid to stay Man free for the Lenten Period by offering to let the Lord our God in her life.


No cats were harmed in the writing of this piece.

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