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No reponse to man’s pun on Whatsapp group


Doubts raised as man makes jokes but gets no replies in 10 minutes.

Sligo Man, Gary Voger (28), today made a joke in his Whatsapp group “Shift and Drifters” 10 minutes ago that has been met with unanimous silence by the fellow members in the group.

The group, looking to organise a summer break this week, had been actively talking about the trip. When the conversation went to a campsite accommodation. Gary, seeing an opportunity, laid down this pun:

“Ah sex whilst camping is fucking in tents”

The group then fell silent.

Gary then started doubting himself with no reply of “Crying laughing emoji” or “faceslap”. He would even take a retro “lol” or a “Ha”.


We await further updates.

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