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Man disappointed Facebook didn’t use his data

Outspoken Man is outraged that Facebook gave his privacy the all clear



Sydney, Austailia

Alf Amalnot from the city today updated his social network with a phot that sent shockwaves to the people who read his blog

Today I recieved an email from Facebook saying that my data wasnt used in the downfall of modern day society

He went on further to say

As you can imagine, I am pissed. I plan to sue these bastards as my data has a right to be used and abused. Its why I signed up to in the first place.

Mr Almalnot, with over 4 followers on Twitter, created a thread listing all the bad stuff he has done over the years that surely warrents some sort of inclusion in the colusion.

It took me 4 days and countless trees to read over the rules of joining and i thought to myself this is for me. I want to get invovled in all types of shit and fuck the system up. This email is an insult to my hard work. I want them to come back and mine my data.

The Local  authorites have said they are looking the incident but not Mr Almalnot’s data.

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