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Grown Man called “Paedo” after attending children’s film


Film & Entertainment

Man shouted at for going to Incredibles 2 film preview ON HIS OWN

Ralf Biggle, 34, from South Wimbledon, went to the local cinema to watch the movie.

The experience turned sour when a local school of kids came in and sat right behind.

Bored with the film the kids then started throwing popcorn at Ralf.

This escalated when Ralf asked them to stop, and turned around to the kids

he was met with shouts from the kids

“This guy is looking at me! urgh hes a Paedo! get him out”

The usher came in and asked Ralf to leave as he was causing a scene.

Resigned to the constant shouting and the embarrassment, Ralf made his way out. Unfortunately, he walked by his Sisters mate and her kid who looked at him with a sad face.

Incredibles 2 is a cartoon brought out by large media company Disney.

In a statement,

“I just wanted to see the film, surely it is ok in this day and age to go to the cinema alone. “

The cinema chain was unavailable for comment.

The kids told me to “f*ck off grandad”

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