Fake News





Here are the top 5 most popular diets this summer


This is a diet purely for the eyes.

Order and make what you want

Photo it

Then throw it away

Suitable for: “Instagrammers”



This is a diet where you say no to any offer for food, then try to eat it all.

Suitable for: Stubborn neighsayers


Game of Thrones Diet

Start off the day minutely looking at all the calories keeping minimum amount needed to perform your tasks perfectly.

End the day with ordering all of Mcdonalds valuesaver.

Suitable for: People with alot of time on their hands.


Donald Trump Diet

Eat what you want, Deny you ate it.

Suitable for: Fake news corporations


Fyre Festival Diet

Pay a ridiculous amount of money for a meal, get lettuce.

Suitable for: People born post 1995.






Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Please note all pictures are from Pexels

Please don’t take this post seriously.






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