On Writing – Insert Joke here


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same can be said for Humour.

Very few jokes make all the people laugh all the time.

However, you can make yourself laugh, and hope people join in.

I like to write humour in everything I do. Sitcom Writer Graham Linehan has said he likes 2/3 funny set pieces in his Sitcoms(Fr. Ted/I.T Crowd).

When writing this book, I have employed the same thinking. Not massive set pieces, but little bits that help the story come along.

I’m thinking of doing 12 chapters,so thats about 36 “funny”bits.

To use an example in the first chapter, we see the protagonist waking up and answering the door to her friend.

You can find the funny in any process of that chapter movement for example:

  • Something that they wear – My little Pony pajamas
  • Stepping on something humorous – a banana skin/rabbit sick
  • Something inexplicable in her room – a giant cardboard cutout of Norm from TV sitcom “Cheers“.
  •  how she hides from the person at the door – Camoflaging her face in a chocolate cake in homage to Mrs. Doubtfire


So basically, there is humour in everything. Just make it funny to you. You are No. 1.


Wordcount: 9,742.

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