On Writing -Start


“Lets start from the very beginning, its a very good place to start”.

I start today to finish a project that has being going on a year or so.

I don’t lack ideas, I lack cohesion of those ideas.

I have the beginning and I have the end. Its just the journey that the character takes that I’m a little bit caught with. Having ploughed down 5k words, Im now down to 4k, and now I’m questioning the whole positioning of the voice that tells the story.

I suppose this happens to all Authors at some stage.

On the Horizon, I’m down to do a comedy gig next Monday. 5 minutes. I know how more or less it’ll go. Again, just need to formalise the journey I take the Audience.

I suppose we start the journey with Just me and you, and hope by the end we have our own crew.


Todays Wordcount: 4,291

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