2019 – Resolutions

Happy new year.

Going to try and do something this year.

To fill in the time, here’s a poem “Resolution”.

Poor grammar, unsure if it works. Came up with the idea at lunch to do something for the site.

I haven’t gone through it, but like the form. the rhyming, whilst childish, mixes it up from AA BCCB AA BB etc.

Also the first part is more about what the meaning of resolution means. The second part is more my own resolutions.

The first part lasts 20 lines. The 2nd part is 19. 2019.

Finally, was going for the rhyming line of the end to link with the start. as with all new years resolutions, you have to start again in the next year.


All the best for your 2019 and your goals.






It’s time for the New Year’s resolution,

Your life needs a revolution,

Things to give up,

Things to begin to do.

Whatever you think is for you,

The hype you need to live up.

You write it down,

You wear the list like a crown,

Tell all you can

Or tell no man.

It’s yourself versus you.

Not what, who in control,

You can’t let it fall through,

Only you to console.

When the nights are long

And you’re not strong

So make sure have achievable goals

Noone said it would be easy

Your feel challenged and queezy

Cause it will be hard to fill the holes


So here is my solutions

To the talks of new years constitution

More running, less eating

Less event shunning and more theatre seating

Score more tries,

Add a few clothes buys,

Hang more with the guys,

Increase my Allies.

Save money by spending wise

Clutter needs to downsize

Trim the facial hair

Make  single a pair

Find things that excite me

Be the right me.

No matter how hard, smile.

Joking all the while.

Now for the execution

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