Fake News

Brexit means more Exits


The major fallout of  a Prexit (Premature Exit) Brexit is that more exits are being used in daily language

Examples of Exits used according to Enclyopedia bi fortnighty

Grexit – Grand Exit. When someone makes a comment and leaves room on a high. Also known as a “Drop mike”.

Actexit – An actual Exit. This is needed to get out of a room.

Emexit – Emergency exit. This is to be used in the case of an important reason, like you have a splash of urine on your trousers

Vegxit – When a person becomes vegetarian then realises it includes fish.

Facexit – When you threaten the world you are leaving Facebook as it has become “naff” and just your friend baby photos, but don’t leave as you have the fear of missing out.


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