Fake News

And the Oscar goes to…..YOU!


Portland – USA

Netflix announces a new innovation that will certainly shake up the market


This is uniquely presented by creating a mirror image of yourself and showing a movie of it for 90mins.

“Its a unique concept, everybody should love themselves!”

A. A. Person from Netflix HQ

This concept, first introduced when reflections came into the world about 6 billion years ago, brings it into the living room with fun for all the family.

“We have only begun to scratch the surface of throwaway tv. Imaging watching yourself watching yourself. There are limitless opportunities to be had” the spokesman went on to say

The film works by using already garnered data from your selfie cams and just plays it out in front of you. either live or what was recorded that day. The gadgets used to create this  is called

“Simply Personify Yourself Technology”


One user said in a review

“Its my story, told brilliantly, for me. I cant wait for the sequel, tomorrow”


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