Fake News

Baby, you were Born that way!


Cambridge – England

English band Coldplay have decided to launch their new album in Delivery rooms all over the UK in a bid to get the new generation of music lovers on their side.

In the ever changing world of music, everyone is looking for a unique angle to get more fans to listen to music.

Their lead sing, Dis Fartin, stated

“This album is the birth of something new, so we decided to put it with some births”

The band paid over £2m for the chance to pump their music in the Delivery room at a time when the NHS is also looking into new funding sources as it is stretched to breaking point

A spokesperson stated

“Selling the sound rights to birthing is just one new revenue source we are looking at. Another is expanding Coldplays’ back catalogue to “fix you” to be played and “Trouble” to be played when we diagnose someone with a terminal illness”



Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels

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