Fake News

Follow me to prove you’re not a robot!




Shockwaves in Social media as a new follower was added to Kyle Thatcher’s twitter account that isn’t a bot trying to sell sunglasses.

The astonishing moment happened last Tuesday however Kyle only Logged in now.

This brings the total of “non robot” followers to 5 on the page.

“I’m absolutely over the moon”.

Kent resident Kyles page “Crackingdayz” details pictures where you can see the top or “Crack”of someones arse in public.

“10 years photoing and looking for cracks in people, and this has made it worthwhile.”

The new follower “dazza98” hasn’t liked or commented yet but Kyle remains hopeful

“I don’t know whether to give him a poke or just leave it. I don’t talk to people much when I’m not trolling them”

Kyle  is in court next week for invasion of privacy for his site.

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