Scrabble Chief Exec can’t spell own job

Popular board game Scrabble today suffered a misspelling as it’s marketing group announced Chuck OXYPHENBUTAZONE as its new CEO, a term not in the Scrabble victory and would score Zero points on the game.

Reacing to the mistake, some previous winners stated their disappointment

This is awful conduct from the marketing department. They must think we are some sort of Muzjiks or something

Mary Quaff

The Marketing department issued a statement to the people who seemed to have an ax to grind against the Chief Execetive officer:

We are in aw of what happened. Our Ba has being affected.We dost to rectify the matter. We hope the oy will end soon.

Mr OXYPHENBUTAZONE hoped to put the whole thing behind him, and focused on the companies new venture into the food industry with “Scrabble: edible edition”

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