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Covid-19 reveal: Man has a family

John Morris, From Shropshire England has used this time in lockdown to realise he has a family.

Morris, a constant content provider on the Internet, realised that the people in his house weren’t just other contributors but actually his family.

It was quite weird. I did notice the photos of me and them, however I thought it was just clever branding. I am shocked that we are actually related

His wife and kids are surprised by the reaction that their husband and father has completed since lock down and hope it is to continue, with his wife stating;

Yeah John is great to have back in our lives. It felt he was there but he wasn’t there, if you know what I mean

John is rumoured to be using his new Family to gain more sponsorship and some premium content as it has opened up a whole new market for content providing.

Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

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