Fake News

TRYing the Anecdote to solve Corunavirus


Risk of Catching the Virus reason for local team’s defeat.

The Cretchley Crusaders slumped to a 95-0 defeat at the weekend as the team refused to tackle due to the potential to catch the Coronavirus that has almost brought the world to a stand still. Club Captain Mark Skrumton, stated his teams thinking

“Alot of them were concerned that they would miss work if they caught the flu. Which is ironic, because they cant catch a ball on the pitch.”

The score would have been more, but Cretchley were very tactical in their running

“It was like a game of Tag at school, we kept them at bay for 10-15 mins. It was good to get the game rather than the fine”.

However Crusaders next game is called off, as the Sock they drank out of in the bar, had verucas in it.


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