Fake News

Big Voice in Fake crowd noise business

As we head back into events with no crowds, audiences are still looking for that authentic sound when they are watching their events, be it a murmur of prayer at a mass or shouting at the game.

That’s where Niall Fuentes of ‘Fake boos’ comes in

I have been creating fake crowd reactions since I was a teenager in my room.

He developed the love of pretending to be popular into a business, as the world developed into the need to get gratification of a crowd. Business had being ticking along, but now has gone through the roof.

Demand for crowds have never been higher. I used to only do Trump gigs, but now I’m doing all the Politicians.

However, though demand is welcome, as demands go up, it does raise a slight problem

In a Football game for example you need to raise the tempo and the shouting if there is a near miss or a good play. the teams want that experience. Also at a mass, the priest wants to feel the people are being energised by his chalice work.

Niall is looking to go into the laugh soundtrack field, previously monopolised by the Chuck Lorre

Photo by Maria Tyutina from Pexels

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