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Working from home proving hard to digest

Home worker Dan Stevens feels that “Pooping on the companies time” isn’t the same when you are working from home.

Dan, from Las Vegas Nevada, is a Civil office worker for the Nevada Council. He used to enjoy his little sneaky breaks away from work.

Yeah, I mean, I like to sh*t. Its human. but I don’t want to be sh*tting on my own time. As a kid I always wanted to be paid to basically be on the can. And I had it down like clockwork. In work for 9, breakfast, log into computer and then hit the bog to drop a load for 9.45. Ease into the day. It is coming now, where my body is shutting off. I’m constipated.

Dan has filed with his company for work disruption and is it currently in front of HR. the Problem is so severe, this has lead to Dan starting to not enjoy his “nature calling”.

For one, you can’t chat to people on the way. Then you have to deal with the smell as it is your house You can’t call the cleaner or blame someone else. This is the unreported crimes of the lockdown.

Dan hopes to get the Vaccine jab that is being rolled out across the US soon so he can keep regular.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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