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Top 5 re-uses for DVD boxsets

Photo by Jonathan Faria on Pexels.com

Cleaning up the house, stumble across that boxset that you bought of a show that was popular once, but now is out of date and “Uncool”.

We have 5 ways to make use of that boxset to make it usuable and cool again.

  1. Take a photo of it and post to Instagram

First one is the obvious one. Follow it up with a “what was I thinking” or “Some show, might rewatch” . You won’t rewatch, but your 5 followers and your mother wont know that.

If you are a small person, the DVD boxset is the perfect size to reach up and kiss your partner/reach the dirty magazine shelf in the local shop (Paper porn? remember that?).

2. Add some height

Or you could use it to add some height to your Computer screen to give you the impression that it will make a difference and feel less like you are wasting your life away.

3. Door Stop

Simple and effective. It is a also a great conversational starter.


” Why do you have the Nicolas Cage boxset as a doorstop?”


“God that guy appears in everything. Someone left behind it. the Con air isnt working so it is good to get some knowing circulation in the room. It acts like a kick-ass rock stopper andhe is a national treasure. However If you don’t like it, it can be gone in 60 seconds”

4. Weapon

Have you been hit on the head with the entire 9 series of 24? Yeah, you would not be alive.

5. Put a book cover on them

Give the illusion that you are a well read person, by printing (actual hard copy on paper!) the cover of War and peace ( a long large book) and cover the end of your dvd box set with it. Noone has ever read it and wont pick it up to look at, but they will respect you for having it.

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