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Endgame for regrets

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Left out superheroes form support group to deal with being left out in saving the world

A group of Superheroes, known as “The Vestige” have been formed in Capitol City this afternoon as they were left out of the group of superheroes who saved the world from destruction.

The Vestige are made up of 6 superheroes, Lady Marmalader, Bunsen Bruiser, Captain Cardboard, Semi colon, Parishioner and Jack.

We came together to deal with the real issue of the day, not save the world, but save ourselves

Captain cardboard on the starting of the group

The group have yet to decide what they will do going forward but for the moment, they are happy to be themselves in a world of Superheroes

I think its now time to be just me. I know my superhero name is Jack, but I want to be just Jack.

Jack later confirmed that he wasn’t rebranding to “Just Jack” and continue to be known as just “Jack”.

One of the many options open to the team could be sworn enemies to the group who went to save the world today without them, but that was quashed by Semicolon

Those guys can actually kick butt; some of us have trouble sitting on ours

Is this the last we shall hear of The Vestige as they deal with been left out? or are they a trace or remnant of something that is disappearing or no longer exists?

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