50 steps before I go jogging with you…

…49 until I marry you

#No.3  Understand the smells in my room


I have accumulated a lot of stuff over the last 10 years. Some of it is old and smells. Whilst I am working through the stuff to cut it down, my room still smells.

One time (and last time) a woman walked into my room, the exact quote was

“You know a man sleeps here”.

I was unsure if that was a compliment or a dig.

I have moved from a large Double bedroom with couch to a small single room with barely enough room to crouch.

Another one time, I was open to a female about my situation of being a man over 30 and 6’3, sleeping in a single bed. Upon seeing the room she stated

“oh you weren’t joking”

In fairness to me, I have streamlined, only keeping my Desktop PC, Badgemaker and numerous pilfered items from former workplaces that might come in useful someday.

Not in Fairness to me, its still a kip. So please understand that this is in transition.



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