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Friend no more


Technology – Girl, 12, ignoring Katie Perry as she is no longer her buddy on Snap chat.

With rumoured feuds with many stars including Taylor Swift, the “Roar” singer has another beef in her life.

The Girl, Delaware Jones, Delaware U.S. , is said to be distraught when she uploaded her snapchat update on Tuesday morning and Katie was no longer in her friends Group. The budding singer has seen her “buddy list” on the social platform almost disappear overnight from 1,000 to 3 people.

In a statement sent out on the social platform Delaware said;

“I don’t care about you and your tunes. Swish swish b*tch”

Friends of Delaware said that she is “lost without her updates on Katies’ life” and are sure “Katie is feeling it too, there are no winners in this”.

With no end in sight for this feud due to lack of communication, one hopes they can just include references to each other in songs they write.

Snapchat parent company, Snap, and Katie Perry’s management haven’t issued a reply to the statement as we haven’t asked them.

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