50 steps before I go jogging with you…

…49 until I marry you

#4 Likes to read lists


Hey, I’m creating a list of 50 steps until I go jogging with her, she would have to read this list.

I like to create To-Do lists for each day. Or aspire to. I write “to do a To-Do list” on the top of every To-Do list in a meta joke to myself.

My favourite Top Ten by Frenemy John Waldron

Top 10 moments of Eoin Kelly’s Weakest Link shame

1 – The outrageous hand gestures while chatting up fellow contestant Imogen.
2 – The stroking of the chin while feigning interest in what Imogen had to say.
3 – The ‘Warren’ face he pulls when the camera first pans to him in the studio (as in Warren from There’s Something About Mary)
4 – The involuntary head movements as he introduces himself as a commercial analyst
5 – The look of fear on his face as Anne Robinson starts into his question
6 – The constant smiling throughout his 5 minutes of shame – mainly staring into the camera while doing so (reminisicent of Dougal’s performance playing table-tennis in the music video ‘My Lovely Horse’ on Father Ted)
7 – Eoin’s use of the clipboard to rest his head on it while being told how incompetent he was by fellow contestant Iain
8 – The knowing nod he gives at Robinson as she confirms he is the Weakest Link
9 – The rueful shaking of the head as he makes his exit stage right (as an aside, if you see this in slow-motion you can pinpoint the moment his spirit is broken) – my personal favourite
10 – Last but by no means least the interview in the aftermath – the ‘story of my life’ spiel, the refusal to make eye contact with the camera until the final seconds and of course the realisation he was about to break down just as the camera stopped rolling. Was it laughter? Was it tears? You decide…

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