50 steps before I go jogging with you…

… 49 until I marry you

#No.5 Enjoys Pub Quizzes


Ahh Pub Quizzes, it’s what sets us apart from the Animals…until there is a ambiguous question.

I like pub quizzes.

I liked them so much I once was asked to do a pub quiz and I had a round about myself.

With great power came great responsibility. I was overcome with the power.

I don’t like people who use their phone during a pub quiz. Even if its not question related.

Obvious exceptions if you have a sick relative or the football isn’t on the TV.

Think I can count on one hand how many times I have actually won an official pub quiz on one hand(7), but nothing beats been able to answer with certainty at least one question per quiz. Its like getting a question correct in the bonus round on University Challenge, EPIC.


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