50 steps before I go jogging with you…

…49 before I marry you

#6 Be Sporty


Most of my life is sports related.

“why don’t you just go jogging then if you like sport?” I hear you ask.

Well I’ll create a bit of suspense and say “that will be dealt with later”.

I have played, coached, managed and reffed many sports. Mostly with having a little or no knowledge of the the sport.

Some people say I like the power trip and I will never be fully satisfied with an on the field performance. I just tell them that that analysis could be better.

I have gone on a few dates and lost interest when a woman says she does no exercise, watches no sports and the thought of which actually makes her sick.  I suppose we look for people that are capatable, whilst Im not looking for a Ms Motivator, at least the odd jog once a week and an appreciation for watching a rugby game would suffice.

To be honest, couldn’t name you many a player from the current batch of rugby players in the world. I just know it hurts when the tackles come in.

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