Fake News

“Its Baltic” says man back from week long Ski trip


London, England

Frank Freiza returned to London from a week long ski break in the French Alps to announce the weather today in London was “Balitic”.

Frank, a sales director for a large shoe company, made the statement when he arrived in the office 2 hours late after he was due to return from Holiday.

He followed up the statement with

“and I should know…. I was in it last week”.

What followed was a barrage of questions from intrigued collegues of how he came to this assessment and did he get up to any shenanigans whilst abroad.

Frank refused to answer the questions but gave a “wink”.

It was noticed by one onlooker that Frank had come to work in a normal shirt and slacks combo that would normally be akin to a normal spring day and not the attire for the cold snap currently happening in the Capital.

Asked by a colleague what he did with his ski wear, he said he just left it there as “it was from Sports direct” and “covered in shit from  too many Jaegers at the Aprés ski.”

When questioned by management why he was late this morning Frank stated

“my clock is still on french time”.

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