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Equality Sucks – Film review



A New Film called “Equality” gets beige reviews from critics and veiwers alike.

Launched last Wednesday to great fanfare, Equality is a film that has just that. Equality.


  • Equal Male – female roles.
  • Equal Sexual Orientation representation
  • Equal Origin of Lead Cast
  • Same amount of words spoken by lead cast (4,242)
  • Same amount of money paid to the lead cast

The Story of the film revovles around Adam and eve as they trek across the world to 195 countries conversing with the locals.

The video will be cut so countries that are showing the video who dont get on with other countries.

For examplethe film shown in Switzerland, there wont be a scene from Liechtenstein (whom they invaded 3 times).

North Korea’s film last 2 minutes.


When you sit through the whole film, 390 minutes, you get the sense that whilst everyone is happy on the film. I’m afraid the one person not happy with the outcome is the viewer as the film is very bland.

A repetitive introduction to new characters/scences every 2 minutes to equal out the amount of screentime each person gets sometimes you are only getting a glimpse of the area.

Most of the film was shot in a studio lot in Sierra Leone, as the average wage is lower so the equal wage expense promised was therefore  lower.

All flaff no baff.


3 Stars

Review by Phil Magoer.



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