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Man apologizes as he gets Whiff of Armpits


Man issues Apology to Train carriage as he accidentally gets whiff of his Armpit and he nearly vomited.

Stephen Sneldon, 47, from Berkshire, was travelling home from in a crowded carriage when the incident happened.

“It was a tough day. But it always is at work in Lush Cosmetics store in Waterloo. The train was packed. I had to stand for 3 stops then some people got off. I was making my way to the seat when the train started up again and i swung like a monkey on the strap. Right into the armpit”

This sudden movement, caused an event that will stick with Stephen for a long long time

“I gasped in air as you do in shock. I got a good suck of air. It was disgusting. The mind started to wonder. Was I like this at work? How strong is it? Should I have showered this morning?. It was very stressful”.

His reaction however told the final story

“I got sick in my mouth and swallowed it. Now I smell in the mouth and arms. I had 5 stops to go!. I stood up on seat and shouted ” I would like to apologise to my fellow passengers for the smell. I has really made me think. I hope to do better next time. “

There statement was met with silence as it was a train in the UK.

Along with the statement of apology, Stephen has started a crowdfund to raise funds for services that clean you at stations before you get on the Train.


“The incident was a real eyeopener. And a nostril closer. I hope noone has to smell my armpit or anyone else’s armpit ever again”

South West rail services are unavailable for comment.

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