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Found: Use for Laptop stored in cupboard


Man in Germany absolutely delighted to finally use Laptop he kept in house unused for 10 years

Hans Allobher, 32, from Stuttgart, finally found use for the Old Toshiba Laptop that was tucked away in his wardrobe in 2008.

The problem came as his house got robbed of all possessions except the laptop. Bereft of any entertainment and reluctant to speak to his wife, he plugged in the relic.

“I was amazed it still worked. They don’t make them like they used to”

Hans was even more delighted when he found his old University “Adult films”

“As you can imagine, the pants came straight down”

The rebooting of the old laptop also highlights how far we have come technologically, as on the system was a Shortcut to Myspace, A HD-DVD drive and a pirate copy of Ratatouille.

“Its like a time warp. Ahh man the memorie came flooding back.”

Hans has since started seeking out all the people he has old photos of and is currently tagging them all on social network in the hope of engaging in actual conversation with them.

The Laptop will be put on display at the local kinderstore museum.

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