Fake News

Survey results: People Like Surveys


The Results are in! We love surveys!

In an independent survey Over 90% of those surveyed like surveys*

However a staggering 40% actual LIE when they are taking a survey.  With one respondent adding;

“Its a bit of a guilty pleasure”



Another 20% admit to answer what they think should be the answer, including the answer to this question.


Over 30% of respondents get paid to do surveys, which again 100% of the people who were answer what they think the answer should be answered that they were getting paid to answer

“If I don’t answer well they wont ask me another one”.

The most startling figure from the survey carried out however is that 100% of all people who responded to the survey, have been surveyed without them knowing they were part of a survey.


*Survey based on 11 people we met in a bar trying to pull and used this as an opening line “Can I survey you”. It had a 99% failure rate.


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