Fake News

“I don’t know what to do with used underwear”


Paul Goatiar, 34, from Toronto Canada has a dilemma


“I mean how do I get rid of it? is it recyclable? is it Bio degradable? Should I wash it?”

These are the questions Paul and many others are having to face when after 5 years they need to change their underwear.

” I mean the Biodegradable one is fairly obvious, there is a few holes in them, so you can assume that they are degradable”

Then Paul thinks

“However there is enough cloth there that could keep a few small babies warm during the winter”

Paul has decided to wash his underwear and just put it casually in his girlfriends drawer “by accident” so she can deal with it.

“I’d usually ask my mom, but she would probably replace most of my wardrobe”

Paul will miss his underwear of 5 years, they will leave a hole in his life as big as the hole in the crotch of his undies.

The maker of his undergarments, Kalvin Client, have yet to comment

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