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Last Laugh for Comedians – Londoners want you out



Returning London comedians are been greeted with shouts of “Stay out” and “you’re not welcome” all over the city.

An out pour of hatred has swished towards the returning funny people as they disembark their Transport from the Highlands.

One such  outrage protester, Bea Karful stated:

“Over the last 30 days it has been bliss. There has been no piss-taking, no “that’s what she said” and  absolutely no jokes. We can have a normal life”

Another, Stu Pendous had an incident that he got away with that was ripe to be mocked

“a bird pooed in my mouth”

In response, Comedian John Smith, who played to an audience of over 2 people in a cupboard over the month, was shocked

“I went to the Fringe as everyone else was doing a show so I felt left out. In future I wont go if I return to this. My show is now touring across Britain see my blog for details”

These ex-pat entertainers attend the Edinburgh Fringe festival every August. London becomes a Joke free city where everyone can cut loose. However not all Londoners were happy even with that, with one tweeter tweeting;

“My twitter feed is full of recommendations of Comics in Scotland. I mean its like Summer camp, people outside the camp won’t get the joke”

Edinburgh Comedy Festival is planned to go ahead next year.

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