Fake News

Hair today, gone tomorrow! Man has only 2 haircuts left


Irish Man Ian Kenny, has officially declared he only has two haircuts left before he is bald.

Ian had recently got his hair cut in local barbers “Cut loose” and assessed the work done in the mirrior

“I didnt say it at the time in the shop, as it is the done thing to do. However, Its too short. Its like my head is too big for my hair”

Ian doesn’t know how this happened but read somewhere that going bald is as a result of having too much Testosterone

“I watched Frozen there the other day and I didn’t cry once. So yeah I’m fairly manly”.

Ian seems at a loss though as to why he is growing bald, as his mother has a full set of hair and its Maternal that gives you the genes for great hair.

“I now have to wear caps to wait for my hair to grow back. I’d say I still have 2 haircuts at least”

Experts in Hairdressing have a differing opinion, with one stating

“Its like Loaves and the Fishes situation, and I ain’t Jesus. He needs to accept who he is. And he is Bald”

Ian hopes to rock the “Italian look” and is working on growing a beard to compensate for the lack of growth on top.

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