Fake News

“Money Sweet Money” a sign of our times



French Woman sells Kitchen Art for £25million, so Essex woman thinks she has the same.

An elderly Essex woman discovered that a small painting in her kitchen might be worth  £25million and she is now ready to cash in.

The Painting, depicting the age old “Home sweet Home” saying in wooden blocks of different typeface, dates back to the late 90’s when that style was en vogue.

As the new snowflake generation become of an age where they have disposable income, more and more are looking for items to bring the joy back into their lives.

A buyer was quoted in saying

“It reminds me of home. I used to like in a gingerbread house.”

This reporter is now going through all his items in house and is looking up the value online. So far, we have attracted bids for £300 for a Spatula shaped like a Dogs face.



Photo by Una Laurencic from Pexels

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