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Hangover? Call the Manager

pexels-photo-652352 boss

Manager allows Staff have a hangover day

A Business owner is Streatham has Allowed his staff to call in a “Hangover day”.

Joe Johnson from the JJ Kindergarden group is thought to be the first of his kind to offer staff such a deal

Well we had a few people not come in for work, usually on a friday so I came up with the concept of the “Hangover day”

Joe went on to explain what this meant

The Hangover day starts when the person calls in for the hangover. They are then allowed to stay at home, however they must watch all 3 The Hangover movies back to back. They are then quizzed upon their return on the Movies. If they get a question wrong, then they lose a days pay

Some staff are behind the move, with Barry Byrne saying

Yeah I’m fine with the testing. It beats a drug test

Joe has stated how the attendance of the Kindergarden group has improved

We only had 1 person not come in, that was Barry. You can see the real improvement in the Staff and how they take their job seriously. Plus there is less smell of Beer in the morning.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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