Fake News

A Stopped Clock is right all the time

art-city-clock-clock-face-277458 (1)

Scientist proves that a Stopped clock is correct all the time

Ross Ranner, a local scientist from Detroit (USA) has discovered that as we live in a multiple universe with infinitive timelines, then a stopped clock is right all the time, proving wrong the old theory that the stopped clock is right only twice

“This is a truly great finding. We have proven that a stop clocks are correct all the time, We can now use that a springboard into other possibilities”

The discovery happened when Ross was asked to change the battery in the clock in the Kitchen

“My housemate asked me to change the clock in the kitchen. I argued that it is correct. He laughed at my logic. 4 years later, the clock has been and always will be correct. So jokes on him”

When asked about what plans he has for the future

“I am now looking into the “once on the lips forever on the hips” theory.”

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