Fake News

What a Sh*t way to save the environment



The penny drops for this Eco Warrior as he flushes his way to a healthier environment.

Eco Warrior, Des Acsmel (48), does his bit for the envioment by leaving his bit where it is.

“Basically, when I need to go to the toilet, I do it in the woods. Like the bear. Let the rain do the flushing”

The Londoner goes even further in his low environmental impact poo

“I just use some doc leaves or grass to clean up after. super soft. Bit like flossing your teeth”

When questioned how he got to the woods to do his business in the wild

“I’m like clockwork, I go 2 times a day every day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. When I get the urge, I hop in the car and in 30 mins I am in the woods. Saving the Environment. Its not much, but with the Fat bergs and the like in the sewers, its nice to do my bit for the enviroment. I do hope some stuff grows out out it. I have been eating a few bananas lately”.


Photo by Deeana Creates from Pexels

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