Fake News

Guy who went to the Bathroom gets Netflix Special

Entertainment Company Netflix have announced a 6 part limited season run from Tony’s trip to the bathroom

Tony Miller, Oregon, went to the bathroom in his local pub and emerged from it with a great story of what happened.

Netflix are keeping details of the story close to their chest but can reveal they have the 3 people he was drinking with at the time to tell their versions of the trip

We at Netflix are basically storytellers, not a huge conglomerate, who hive off your data for money. We believe in telling the best stories, and not selling your data on how long you watch shows. Storytellers, not Conglomerates.

Guy who works at Netflix

One watcher who is waiting for this story to come out is Tony’s wife Maria

He better have a good excuse for coming home at 3am waking up the house

Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

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