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Man realises that you can have Yoga with people not named Arianne

Tom Heron, Stalybridge, today discovered that Arianne, from Yoga with Arianne, isnt the only person who does Yoga.

Tom had heard a neighbour saying it that yoga with Arianne is the best, so Tom looked it up and started an intense workout for the next 3 months.

People started mentioning that they can’t wait until Yoga classes open up made Tom think that Arianne was coming to town, despite the lockdown.

I mean we live in Stalybridge and she has a bit of an accent on her. I thought it was mad, but you know, the world is a bit mad at the moment.

Tom then went to look on the internet for ‘Downward dog in Stalybridge’ and then opened his mind that there is other Downward doggers in Stalybridge and you don’t just have to Yoga with Arianne.

So I went to one in a forest. Thought it was well yoga sort of things. There were a few cars there so thought it must be the place. I waited about 10 minutes and then went over to one of the cars and say some people doing a bit more advanced yoga than I’m used to. I didn’t want to show myself up so I went home and got some practise in. Maybe one day I’ll return.

Tom still does yoga with Arianne as its someone he trusts and its decent.

photo by pexels.com

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