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Blogger loses follower after blog on Getting to know your followers

Gary Byrne, username: Dolphinsarepeopletoo, today lost a follower as he posted a blog about getting to know his followers.

I mean I usually post about Dolphins, and then I thought I’d just wonder who was following me in my niche subject. Apparently people only want to hear about dolphins

Gary noticed the drop in the followers from 15,137 to 15,136 which triggered a sever clause in his sponsorship deals with Tim’s Canned Tuna, Blarney Aqueduct and L’Oreal.

Its a shame really. I thought the figures would only go up, that’s why I put in the contract that we wont lose any followers. I was just lonely

Gary has promised never to off piste again in his blogging.

Next week he talks to Dolphins legend Dan Marino.

Photo by Soumil Kumar from Pexels

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