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Chainsaw sales up as hairdressers reopen after Covid

Sales of Chainsaws and cutting equipment rise as Hairdressers and Beauticians get ready to open up after enforced closure for 2 months

I know some of my clients. I’m concerned that the chain won’t be strong enough on some of their manicure

Juan – San Francisco Beautician

The enforced closure came about almost worldwide due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Now the people are ready to be beautified again

I have being watching alot of samurai films. I need some sharp blades to cut through some of the hair that I see in the street.

Jeff Lentil – Barber

Other business owners are logging to retrain as hairdressers to ease the back log

I’m charging $135 a haircut…for the men. I used to be a lumberjack, so this sort of stuff should be easy. I will make a few cuts at the base and then hopefully the rest will follow

Greg Gooner – Lumberjack/Barber

This will be the lipstick on the pig that the current Economy and Government need for 2020 to get back on track

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

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