Fake News

Writer buys Typewriter to show he is a writer

E.M. Kelly today bought a typewriter to finally announce to his world that he is a writer.

Kelly took this purchase to his social media where he hashtagged alot that he finally made it

Finally got this baby #writer #iamawriter #oldwriting #howdoyouuseoneofthese

Realistically, Kelly in his tiny flat in London, has no space for such an item, so he will keep it at a friends house until he produces some writing.

The typewriter inspires. This is what has being missing in my writing. That and actual writing. I’m sure that is to follow.

Kelly sat down to write some stuff, and could feel the energy of the Typewriter as he is now a writer flow through him. He sent an angry email to the Local rail company looking for a refund on his season ticket.

This is only the beginning! now I need a middle, an end and some likable characters.

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

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