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Woman sues earth for Net carbon neutrality leftovers

Photo by Singkham from Pexels

Isabelle Pennington today launched a lawsuit against the eartht as she is beyond carbon neutral so it owes her for existing.

I have dedicated my life to be for the Environment. I now actively produce oxygen in my live tree jacket that I wear. I have calculated that I have over 1,000 tonnes of carbon into the world, so I am looking for about £18,000.

Isabelle, who lives in a hut made from Mud and stones, is a vegan and catches all her farts in a bag to heat her house.

The lawsuit came about when I realised that I had donated my life to save the world, but had nothing to show for it.

The case is due to start Monday, in the Centre Court in London. Isabelle hopes to walk all the way from Shropshire in order not to have a carbon footprint on the case.

She hopes that there will be more awareness on the issue in hand and that she is representing herself, as she has no money.

The paper versions of the case are made available to the public if needed at front desk.

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