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Couchto5K update – Man finds 50p

Photo from Pexels.com

Stratford upon Avon resident Frances Christensen has found 50p in his bid to get 5k from the couch.

Frances, who signed up to the scheme, was surprised how easy it was to find

I was watching netflix and I put my hand down the side and found the cash. Delighted

Frances, since lockdown, has signed up to many schemes in order to keep motivated.

So Couch to 5k, which is a success so far. Then there is ‘Cook yourself thin’, which I have been doing by cooking less often so winning that too. And then there is KonMari scheme, where I ask things ‘do you spark joy?’, which got rid of my girlfriend, and got the bedroom quite clean as a result

Frances is hoping to pack in the job permanently to go full time on the couch to 5k

If I got this much out of reaching down 1 couch, how much will I get if I reach down my other couch. The mind boggles. However, its way over there, I might try it later once this show is over

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