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Romance Novelist has never loved

Award winning Romance novelist B.J. Richards, has never been in love.

In the publicity for his new novel ‘Upclose and COVIDential’, Barry John Richards has revealed that he has never loved

I don’t think I have been in Love. I mean its like Haddaway song “What is Love”. I’m just not that bothered about it. That doesnt’t stop me from writing about it though.

Asked about how he can repeatedly create successful romantic books for the masses, printed in over 60 languages

I learn alot from TV and the like. There isn’t really much to it. Basically stick two people together, give them a problem and see what happens. It’s a basic formula, but I mean I have 6 houses and over 12 cars that offer me a shoulder to cry on for the night.

This revelation about B.J’s knowledge of romance will unlikely hinder sales of his new book which tells the story about a beautiful man falling in love with a beautiful woman who have Covid 19, whom he then finds himself in a bubble with as they are on lock down.

Available in all imaginary bookstores from Monday from 3.99

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

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