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Covid Lockdown band release Album ‘Trapped’

Indie band ‘Housebound’ have released their first album, despite not existing before the Covid Lockdown was enforced.

Lead singer Brandy Medina details how they were formed.

I was sitting at home having been furloughed. Then I went on Amazon and bought a piano. Then all I needed was a band.

The band had their first practice two weeks ago on Zoom and after creating a instapage have now released their album ‘Trapped’

It’s an album that comes from what everyone is experiencing right now. Horniness.

The remainder of the band is Serenity Thomson on Lead guitar, Samir Hinton on Drums and Ed Sheeran on Base.

Yeah, we thought Ed Sheeran was THE Ed Sheeran. It wasn’t, but he turned up so we stuck him in.

Tracks on the album include the dance numbers ‘Youtube fitness’ and ‘Shower run’ which Serenity helped write.

I read somewhere, write what you know, and I thought of what I did that morning and wrote about it. Unfortunately my other song ‘shat the bed’ didn’t make the cut.

The album came together online, with each member adding their bits in turn and then it all been mixed together on an app on the android that cost £2.99.

The album has been submitted to many bloggers for review, where the consensus seems to be that it is awful.

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