Fake News

That’s a sick Selfie

Local Woman Elaine Sanford self diagnosed herself with Jaundice has left hospital today after she was diagnosed with ‘poor filter’ by hospital

Selfie loving Elaine noticed her selfies were getting yellow when she took her 50th photo of her in the on her socially distant walk with her friends.

I just posted it online and within a few minutes people were replying that I was looking unwell. At first I passed it off as banter, but then after looking at my last 100 selfies, which took 2 days, I had indeed gone a bit yellowy

It was then Elaine took to the internet and inputted her symptoms into a Facebook post and came to the conclusion with her mate Johnny who is a plumber, that she had Jaundice

I was like, ‘I’m Dying’. So I went about planning my funeral. But the man at the shop said I should just get checked out as I seem to be fine. So I gave him a 2 star review and headed to the hospital

It was in the hospital that upon arrving at the front desk of the emergency room, she was immediately sent home as her skin was not yellow.

I had my doubts that they were wrong, but on my 2nd phone that I use for texting, the photos were less yellow. And that was then I remembered that my phone fell down the toilet the other day, and that might be the link to the phone showing me as yellow. So I just got a new phone and now I’m proper mint.

Elaine now hopes to raise funds for a new invention that ties your phone to your arm so you won’t drop it in the toilet. The product called ‘Hold da fone’ is in the concept stage.

Photo by Giftpundits.com from Pexels

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