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Covid and laughter not infectious at first gig back

In the first gig post lockdown, Comedian Alvin Connelly did his bit in stopping the spread of Covid 19, by making noone laugh.

I was eager to get back. I thought I had some good lines. Apparently not. I should have bubble tested it first

The gig, infront of 200 paying customers, was a quaint affair, with audiences unable to leave due to distancing rules and unable to shout due to fear of spreading the virus

I mean I couldn’t even see if there were even smiling! They all has mask on. It was like a dentist’s convention.

This poor gig won’t deter Alvin in the return to comedy

Yeah it’s a bad day at the office. But you’ll have them. The thing is dust yourself down, get back on the horse and do a podcast.

Alvin’s podcast ‘A gig to forget’ is available on where you get your white, 30 something, male podcasts from.

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